Reliability of the Xbox 360 consoles
There was also a marked improvement in this element. The first generations of the Xbox 360 consoles did not do very well with reliability. There were problems with the cooling system, overheating and peeling of processors, and with a classic glitch called RRD (Red Ring of Death). This defect kept users of old Xbox 360s awake at night, and even the manufacturer itself extended the warranty on this console error to 3 years for marketing purposes. These problems have been completely eliminated with the advent of the new Jasper motherboard, now mandatory on the Xbox 360 Slim and Xbox 360 E Stingray consoles. So there is nothing to worry aboutAccess to cheap Xbox 360 games
There are those who say that it is worth buying the Xbox 360 for Halo itself - the best FPS, as well as GTA 5. If you like car simulators, Forza is unbeatable and in addition there are quite nice RDR, Fight Night, UFC, Gearsy, Tekken, Soul Caluibr Fable and also many less popular ones such as Banjo Kazooie, PGR and of course Fifa for PC are not the same as on the console. With the advent of Kinect, access to games has become simply unlimited, eliminating the need to purchase additional controllers for other players.
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